Stop List
8'Open Diapason61 Pipes
8'Spitzflute61 Pipes
4'Octave61 Pipes
4'Rohrflute61 Pipes
IIIMixture183 Pipes
8'Stopped Diapason61 Pipes
4'Flute61 Pipes
2'Principal61 Pipes
113'Quint61 Pipes
II Sesquialtera 122 Pipes
16'Bourdon27 Pipes
  • Swell to Great
  • Great to Pedal
  • Swell to Pedal
George Ryder, Opus 194, ca. 1895
Andover Organ Company Organs for Sale

This organ was tonally revised by Andover Organ Company in 1964.

The organ is in need of a complete mechanical rebuilding. Possible additions, at your additional cost, might include the adding of one or two stops, and increasing the pedals to 30 notes.

This organ does not have a case, but does have case pipes included.

Price of $125,000.00 rebuilt, with case.