Stop List
Great (58 Notes)
16'Open Diapason 58 Pipes
8'Open Diapason58 Pipes
8'Dulciana58 Pipes
8'Melodia58 Pipes
4'Octave58 Pipes
4'Flauto Traverso58 Pipes
223'Twelfth58 Pipes
2'Fifteenth58 Pipes
IVMixture 113'232 Pipes
8'Trumpet58 Pipes
Swell (58 Notes)
16'Lieblich Gedact Bass12 Pipes
16'Lieblich Gedackt46 Pipes
8'Open Diapason56 Pipes
8'Stp. Diapason58 Pipes
8'Salicional58 Pipes
4'Fugara58 Pipes
4'Flute Harmonique58 Pipes
2'Flautino58 Pipes
IIIMixture 2'174 Pipes
8'Cornopean58 Pipes
8'Bassoon12 Pipes
8'Oboe46 Pipes
Pedal (27 Notes)
16'Open Diapason27 Pipes
16'Bourdon27 Pipes
8'Violoncello27 Pipes
  • Swell to Great
  • Great to Pedal
  • Swell to Pedal
Pedal Movements
  • Great Forte
  • Great Mezzo
  • Great Piano
  • Swell Forte
  • Swell Mezzo
  • Swell Piano
Johnson & Son, Opus 440, 1874
Andover Organ Company Organs for SaleAndover Organ Company Organs for SaleAndover Organ Company Organs for Sale

This large 2 manual organ was originally built for Grace Methodist Episcopal Church in Springfield MA. In 1928 it was moved, with minor structural alterations, to Liberty Street Methodist Church in Springfield. It was removed to storage in 2009.

The organ is in essentially original condition; its pipes are still scroll and cone tuned. The lowest 4 notes of the Great 16' Open Diapason are stopped wood. There is a blank space on the Great chest where another rank could be added. The 12 pipes of the Swell 16' Lieblich Gedackt Bass are on a separate chest outside the swell box. The original large, double-rise reservoir was releathered in 1997 as two smaller, single-rise units.

The three Pedal stops are each divided onto their own C & C# side chests, for a total of 6 Pedal chests, located at the sides of the instrument. These chests could be reconfigured or replaced to fit a different space. Likewise, the 27 note Pedal compass could be expanded to 30 notes.

Dimensions: Height of 21'-2" to top of swell box ; Width of 19'-3" with present arrangement of Pedal chests; Depth of 10'-11" with case, excluding console projection. The walnut casework has no sides.

Asking price of $25,000.00 (negotiable.) Restored or rebuilt price estimate of $200,000.00 to $300,000.00, depending upon alterations.