Opus R-376 Stop List
8'Open Diap. Treble 39 Pipes
8'Open Diap. Bass17 Pipes
8'Dulciana 39 Pipes
8'Clarabella 39 Pipes
8'Stopped Diap. Treble39 Pipes
8'Stopped Diap. Bass 17 Pipes
4'Principal56 Pipes
4'Flute 56 Pipes
223'Nazard56 Pipes
2'Fifteenth56 Pipes
8'Trumpet Treble44 Pipes
8'Trumpet Bass12 Pipes
16'Bourdon39 Pipes
8'Open Diapason39 Pipes
8'Stopped Diapason 39 Pipes
8'Dulciana39 Pipes
4'Principal39 Pipes
4'Flute39 Pipes
223'Cornet Twelfth39 Pipes
2'Fifteenth39 Pipes
8'Hautboy39 Pipes
Swell Bass
8'Stopped Diap. Bass17 Pipes
8'Dulciana Bass17 Pipes
4'Principal17 Pipes
16'Double Open Diap.27 Pipes
  • Swell to Great
  • Great to Pedal
  • Swell to Pedal
Opus R-376
Old Whaling Church
Simmons & Fisher Opus 857, ca. 1850
Edgartown, Massachusetts
Andover Organ Company Opus R-376

The Old Whaling Church, which was originally the United Methodist Church of Edgartown, is now owned by the Martha's Vineyard Preservation Trust. It contains a two-manual organ built by Simmons and Fisher in 1856-7. The organ was completely restored in 2003-4 by the Andover Organ Company. The restoration was necessary for two reasons. First, there were unfortunate alterations, chiefly tonal, made in the 1960's, and second, the organ suffered mechanically over the years from overheating.

The manual keyboards were renovated and rebushed. A rebuilt 27-note flat pedalboard was installed in place of the original 26-note pedalboard, and the Pedal couplers were expanded to 27 notes. The hitch-down Swell mechanism was restored. The Great combination action was restored to the organ and piano and forte pedals were provided. A new quiet 3/4 hp blower was installed in a box, and the reservoir was releathered, including the feeders so that the organ can be hand pumped. The Pedal chests were retabled and expanded to 27 notes. The action was renewed throughout. Seven pipes were added to the existing Double Open Diapason. The Manual chests were retabled and renovated, and the pallets made removable. The pipes were cleaned and repaired and slide tuners were fitted to prevent damage in the future. The entire organ was tuned to the original pitch.