Opus R-368 Stop List
8'Open DiapasonCC-g''
8'Stopped Diap. BassCC-BB
8'Trumpet CC-g''
Swell - Enclosed
16'Bourdon TrebleC-g''
8'Open DiapasonC-g''
8'Stopped Diapason C-g''
Swell Bass - Not Enclosed
16'Bourdon Bass CC-BB
8'Stopped Diap. BassCC-BB
4'Flute BassCC-BB
16'Sub BassCC-d1
  • Great to Swell
  • Pedals to Great
  • Pedals to Swell
Opus R-368
Unitarian Universalist Church
William Stevens Organ, 1866
Montpelier, Vermont
Andover Organ Company Opus R-368

Andover Organ Company has renovated and rebuilt the mechanical-action organ in the Montpelier Unitarian Universalist Church. The work was done in two stages. The first stage was accomplished in January and February 1999. The reservoir was releathered as a double fold. The manual keyboards were rebushed and the keytails and intermanual couplers releathered. The Pedal board sharps and naturals were re-covered, and pedalboard was rebushed key touch adjusted. In the Manual and Pedal key action, new nut, punchings, links, and coupler jacks were installed. The action was quieted and lubricated for optimum performance.

The second phase of the rebuild was completed in 2003. New plywood tables were installed on the three manual chests. Sliders were reshimmed to prevent leakage and to ease slider movement. Sponcil areas were re-covered and bungboards releathered. Pallet were re-covered and made removable. New pulldown wires were installed. All pipes were cleaned and repaired. Slide tuners were fitted to cone-tuned pipes to prevent future damage. There were several tonal changes: SWELL- Install 4' Flute of used pipes in place of Viol de Gamba Treble and bass; repitch the 4' Principal to 2' pitch with 12 new pipes; GREAT- 12 note bass added to Trumpet of new pipes, mitered; a II rank Mixture installed on a new toeboard in place of the Dulciana.

On March 14, 2004 a Dedicatory Recital was played by Theresa Peppin of the faculty of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.