Opus R-328 Stop List
16'Open Diapason61 Pipes
8'Open Diapason61 Pipes
8’2nd Open Diapason12 Pipes
8'Doppel Flöte61 Pipes
8'Gamba61 Pipes
6'Quinte61 Pipes
4'Octave 61 Pipes
4'Flute Harmonique61 Pipes
3' Twelfth61 Pipes
2'Fifteenth61 Pipes
III-IVCornet232 Pipes
IVMixture244 Pipes
VCymbale 305 Pipes
16'Trumpet61 Pipes
8'Trumpet61 Pipes
4'Clarion 61 Pipes
Blank Knob
Great to Great 16’
Great to Great 4’
Great Unison
16'Bourdon61 Pipes
8'Open Diapason61 Pipes
8'Viola61 Pipes
8'Voix Céleste49 Pipes
8'Stopped Diapason61 Pipes
8'Quintadena61 Pipes
4'Octave61 Pipes
4'Violina61 Pipes
4'Flauto Traverso61 Pipes
223'Cornet Nazard61 Pipes
2'Flautino61 Pipes
135'Cornet Tierce61 Pipes
IV Mixture244 Pipes
16'Contra Fagotto12 Pipes
8'Cornopean61 Pipes
8'Oboe61 Pipes
8'Vox Humana61 Pipes
Swell to Swell 16’
Swell to Swell 4’
Swell Unison Off
16'Lieblich Gedeckt61 Pipes
8'Geigen Principal61 Pipes
8'Dulciana61 Pipes
8'Melodia61 Pipes
8'Rohr Flöte61 Pipes
4'Octave61 Pipes
4'Fugara61 Pipes
4'Flute d'Amour61 Pipes
223'Quint Flöte61 Pipes
2'Piccolo61 Pipes
135'Tierce61 Pipes
113'Octave Quint61 Pipes
IIIMixture183 Pipes
8'Trumpet61 Pipes
8'Clarinet61 Pipes
8'Vox Angelica61 Pipes
8’Cromorne61 Pipes
4'Clarion12 Pipes
Choir to Choir 16’
Choir Unison Off
8'Stentorphon61 Pipes
8'Tuba Mirabilis61 Pipes
VGrand Cornet T.C.245 Pipes
Blank Knob
Solo to Solo 16’
Solo to Solo 4’
Solo Unison Off
16'Gemshorn61 Pipes
8'Philomela 61 Pipes
8'Gemshorn12 Pipes
8'Dolcan Gamba61 Pipes
8'Gamba Céleste49 Pipes
8'Spitzflöte 61 Pipes
8'Spitzflöte Céleste49 Pipes
4'Hohlpfeife61 Pipes
2'Harmonic Piccolo61 Pipes
8'French Horn61 Pipes
8'Cor Anglais61 Pipes
Celestial Bells
Celestial to Celestial 16’
Celestial to Celestial 4’
Celestial Unison Off
32'Bourdon32 Pipes
16'Open Diapason32 Pipes
16'Violone32 Pipes
16'Dulciana32 Notes
16'Gemshorn32 Notes
16'Bourdon12 Pipes
16'Lieblich Gedeckt32 Notes
12'Quinte7 Pipes
8'Octave12 Pipes
8'Bell Gamba32 Pipes
8'Violoncello12 Pipes
8'Gemshorn32 Notes
8'Gedeckt32 Notes
513'Octave Quinte32 Pipes
4'Principal32 Pipes
4'Super Octave12 Pipes
IVMixture68 Pipes
VGross Harmonics96 Pipes
32'Contra Bombarde12 Pipes
16'Trombone32 Pipes
16'Bassoon32 Notes
8'Trumpet12 Pipes
8’Posaune32 Pipes
8'Oboe32 Notes
4’Clarion12 Pipes
Opus R-328
St. Joseph Cathedral
E. & G. G. Hook & Hastings, Opus 828
Buffalo, New York
Andover Organ Company Opus R-328Andover Organ Company Opus R-328

Andover Organ Company has recently completed its largest organ rebuilding project ever, the Centennial Organ at St. Joseph Cathedral in Buffalo, New York. Bishop Henry J. Mansell, Monsignor James F. Campbell, and Organist Mark DiGiampalo of the Cathedral have worked closely with Donald H. Olson, president, and Robert C. Newton, tonal director, of Andover over a number of years to devise a plan for rebuilding and expanding the Organ while retaining the original tonal concept.

This particular organ was designed and built for the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The base of the organ case consisted of multiple doors, through which the public entered passageways into the instrument. The company wrote, "...hundreds traversed its passages daily, whose knowledge of an Organ up to that time consisted of the fact that it had pipes and a bellows and there they received the first knowledge of its parts and construction and the wonders of its mechanism." It was awarded the highest rank in its class by the Centennial Commission which presented E. & G. G. Hook and Hastings with the Judges’ Award. After the Exhibition, it was purchased for $10,000 by the Bishop of Buffalo.

Major changes were made to the organ by Tellers-Kent Organ Company of Erie, PA, in 1925, and by Schlicker Organ Company of Buffalo in 1976. By 1996, the organ was virtually unplayable during the winter months and a decision of whether to replace it or rebuild it was imminent. In 1998, the Cathedral decided that "the organ need not be replaced, but rather completely rehabilitated." At the same time the tonal palette needed expanding to better serve the needs of the Conciliar liturgical reforms, and to allow for use in concerts and recitals.

In July 1999, a team from Andover dismantled the organ, loaded it into two moving vans, and transported it back to Lawrence, where 18 employees labored for more than a year to clean, repair and expand the instrument. In September 2000, it was returned to Buffalo. Extensive regulation and tuning followed over the ensuing months. The dedication by organist Thomas Murray is slated for June 11, 2001.

In undertaking this immense job, Andover sought to retain and restore as much of the original as possible. We have long been associated with the work of the Hook firm and have based our own new instruments on those of Hook. Robert C. Newton, our Tonal Director, is a well known authority on Hook organs and their voicing. Additions are voiced in the Hook style and are copied from, or are, Hook pipes. We have researched compatible organs to develop scalings appropriate for the additions to the St. Joseph organ. The Choir is no longer enclosed, the Swell box is back to its original size, and the Solo is restored to its original position. Many of the missing and added pipes have been replaced with pipes from the Cincinnati Music Hall mixtures. We feel that the organ is now far closer to the original than it has been since the 1923 electrification and rebuilding.

First, the entire organ was cleaned, and the black walnut case stripped of coats of varnish stain and restored to its original finish. All existing chests and pipework were rebuilt and repaired. Manuals were expanded to 61 notes and pedals expanded to 32. Existing reservoirs were releathered and two new ones constructed.

A new floating Celestial Division on a slider windchest was added. This division is based on the more usual E. & G. G. Hook solo division as typified by the organs in the Cincinnati Music Hall and Mechanics Hall, Worcester. There is an 8’ Philomela copied after Immaculate Conception, Boston (labeled Concert Flute at Immaculate), an original Hook 4’ Hohlpfeife, a 2’ Harmonic Piccolo, a Cor Anglais, and a few fun stops such as the French Horn, Dolcan Gamba with Gamba Céleste, Spitzflöte and Spitzflöte Céleste, but then the original stoplist has the Stentorphon. We believe that it is the first instance of this stop being used by any builder. Hook & Hastings later made French Horns which were very highly regarded by Audsley.

The original pitch was approximately A=449. At the time we first examined the organ, the pitch had been lowered to approximately A=444. It was a conscious effort on the part of past rebuilders who rolled up the scrolls and coned in the pipes drasticaly and lowered the wind pressures to accomplish this. Andover's lowering the pitch to A=440 (at 65 degrees at balcony level) made the scales of the Principals and many flutes somewhat smaller. Many of the strings and some flutes were rescaled one pipe larger to lower the pitch. The issue of pitch became important enough in the 19th century that the Cincinnati Music Hall organ was rescaled one pipe larger, probably by Hook & Hastings, to lower the pitch, as was the Mechanics Hall organ. Francis Hastings, himself, lowered the pitch at Immaculate Conception Church, so there is a precedent for this.

Opus R-328 Stop List with Provenance Notes

16'Open DiapasonOld 61 Pipes
8'Open DiapasonOld61 Pipes
8’2nd Open DiapasonFrom 16’ Open Diapason12 Pipes
8'Doppel FlöteOld61 Pipes
8'GambaOld61 Pipes
6'QuinteOld61 Pipes
4'Octave Old 61 Pipes
4'Flute HarmoniqueOld61 Pipes
3' TwelfthOld61 Pipes
2'FifteenthOld61 Pipes
III-IVCornetOld232 Pipes
IVMixtureOld244 Pipes
VCymbale New305 Pipes
16'TrumpetOld61 Pipes
8'TrumpetOld61 Pipes
4'Clarion Old 61 Pipes
Blank Knob
Great to Great 16’
Great to Great 4’
Great Unison
16'BourdonOld 61 Pipes
8'Open DiapasonOld 61 Pipes
8'ViolaOld 61 Pipes
8'Voix CélesteOld Pipes, Tellers49 Pipes
8'Stopped DiapasonOld61 Pipes
8'QuintadenaOld61 Pipes
4'OctaveOld, from E. & G. G. Hook & Hastings, Opus 86961 Pipes
4'ViolinaOld61 Pipes
4'Flauto TraversoOld61 Pipes
223'Cornet NazardOld, from Cornet61 Pipes
2'FlautinoOld, from Cornet61 Pipes
135'Cornet TierceOld, from Hook, Opus 86961 Pipes
IV MixtureNew244 Pipes
16'Contra FagottoFrom Oboe, New Bass 12 Pipes
8'CornopeanOld 61 Pipes
8'OboeOld61 Pipes
8'Vox HumanaOld61 Pipes
Swell to Swell 16’
Swell to Swell 4’
Swell Unison Off
16'Lieblich GedecktOld, from Estey, Opus 307961 Pipes
8'Geigen PrincipalOld61 Pipes
8'DulcianaOld61 Pipes
8'MelodiaOld61 Pipes
8'Rohr FlöteOld61 Pipes
4'OctaveOld, from Hook, Opus 501, Geigen Principal61 Pipes
4'FugaraOld61 Pipes
4'Flute d'AmourOld61 Pipes
223'Quint FlöteNew61 Pipes
2'PiccoloOld61 Pipes
135'TierceNew61 Pipes
113'Octave QuintNew61 Pipes
IIIMixtureNew183 Pipes
8'TrumpetOld, from Estey, Opus 307961 Pipes
8'ClarinetOld 61 Pipes
8'Vox AngelicaOld61 Pipes
8’CromorneNew61 Pipes
4'ClarionFrom 8' Trumpet12 Pipes
Choir to Choir 16’
Choir Unison Off
8'StentorphonOld, new or old trebles61 Pipes
8'Tuba MirabilisOld61 Pipes
V Grand Cornet T.C.8’ fr. Opus 501, 4’ fr. Sw. Cornet, 223’,2’,135’ New245 Pipes
Blank Knob
Solo to Solo 16’
Solo to Solo 4’
Solo Unison Off
16'GemshornOld, treble from Estey Opus 407961 Pipes
8'Philomela New61 Pipes
8'Gemshornfrom 16' Gemshorn12 Pipes
8'Dolcan GambaOld, from Hutchings 61 Pipes
8'Gamba CélesteOld, from Hutchings49 Pipes
8'Spitzflöte New61 Pipes
8'Spitzflöte CélesteNew49 Pipes
4'HohlpfeifeOld, from Hook, Opus 35561 Pipes
2'Harmonic PiccoloOld, from Hutchings Votey, from Chicago61 Pipes
8'French HornOld, from Gottfreid61 Pipes
8'Cor AnglaisOld, from Estey, Opus 307961 Pipes
Celestial Bells
Celestial to Celestial 16’
Celestial to Celestial 4’
Celestial Unison Off
32'BourdonOld32 Pipes
16'Open DiapasonOld32 Pipes
16'VioloneOld 32 Pipes
16'DulcianaFrom Great 16' Open Diapason32 Notes
16'GemshornFrom Celestial 32 Notes
16'BourdonFrom 32' Bourdon12 Pipes
16'Lieblich GedecktFrom Choir32 Notes
12'QuinteFrom 32'7 Pipes
8'OctaveFrom 16' Open Diapason12 Pipes
8'Bell GambaOld32 Pipes
8'VioloncelloFrom Violone12 Pipes
8'GemshornFrom Celestial32 Notes
8'GedecktFrom Choir Lieblich32 Notes
513'Octave QuinteOld Pipes32 Pipes
4'PrincipalOld Pipes32 Pipes
4'Super OctaveFrom Bell Gamba12 Pipes
IVMixture513' Quint & Old Pipes from Estey, Opus 307968 Pipes
VGross HarmonicsOld Pipes96 Pipes
32'Contra BombardeNew, Ext. Trombone12 Pipes
16'TromboneOld32 Pipes
16'BassoonFrom Swell Oboe32 Notes
8'TrumpetFrom Trombone12 Pipes
8’PosauneOld Pipes32 Pipes
8'OboeFrom Swell32 Notes
4’ClarionFrom Posaune 12 Pipes