Opus 117 Stop List
Manual I
8’Chimney Flute58 Pipes
4’Principal58 Pipes
2’Fifteenth58 Pipes
IIMixture116 Pipes
Manual II
8’St. Diapason58 Pipes
4’ Flute58 Pipes
223Nazard58 Pipes
2’Principal58 Pipes
135Tierce58 Pipes
8’Hautboy58 Pipes
16’Subbass30 Pipes
8’Flutebass12 Pipes
4’ Chorale12 Pipes
  • Manual II to Manual I
  • Manual I to Pedal
  • Manual II to Pedal
Opus 117
Peter Griffin Residence
Harpswell, Maine
Andover Organ Company Opus 117Andover Organ Company Opus 117

February 2009 saw the completion of a residence organ for Peter Griffin of Harpswell, Maine.

The organ is an expanded version, based on our ELM model practice/teaching instrument. The organ features our three stop mechanical unit Pedal that begins with stopped wood pipes and changes to open metal with the voicing gradually ranging from a flute in the bass to a principal sound in the 4’ range. We have found this very effective in a small instrument.

The casework is solid cherry with case pipes of polished tin. The keyboards have bone naturals and ebony sharps. The drawkobs are pau ferro with engraved inserts. The key action and stop action are mechanical.

The visual design is by Don Olson, the mechanical design is by Michael Eaton and the tonal design and finishing is by John Morlock. Ben Mague was the Team Leader with Al Hosman, David Zarges, and David Michaud responsible for casework, windchests, and wind system. The tonal crew consisted of Don Glover, Jonathan Ross and Fay Morlock.

Mr. Griffin is a retired businessman and organ aficionado. He studies organ with Ray Cornils, Portland’s Municipal Organist.