Opus 112 Stop List
8’Open Diapason58 Pipes
8’Chimney Flute58 Pipes
4’Principal58 Pipes
223Twelfth58 Pipes
2’Fifteenth58 Pipes
IIMixture116 Pipes
8’Trumpet58 Pipes
8’Stopped Diapason58 Pipes
8’Viola46 Pipes
8’Celeste46 Pipes
4’Silver Flute58 Pipes
223'Nazard58 Pipes
2’Principal58 Pipes
135'Tierce58 Pipes
8’Hautboy58 Pipes
16’Subbass32 Pipes
8’Flutebass (Ext. Subbass)12 Pipes
16’Trombone32 Pipes
  • Swell to Great
  • Great to Pedal
  • Swell to Pedal
Opus 112
St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church
Yarmouth, Maine
Andover Organ Company Opus 112Andover Organ Company Opus 112

Andover Organ Company has recently completed a new two-manual, 18-rank instrument, Opus 112, for St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church in Yarmouth, Maine. The organ's design by Donald H. Olson and Jay H. Zoller dramatically reflects the lines of the church's post and beam building.

In June, 1998, the church was working with a borrowed 1840 Appleton organ, which sparked their interest in mechanical action. In choosing a permanent instrument, they wanted a detached console (rare in older organs and expensive to modify), so the congregation decided it would achieve more value and flexibility with a new one.

"This organ's overall sound might be best described as leaning heavily in the direction of the great American organs of the late 19th Century, particularly those built by the Hook Company of Massachusetts. We are delighted with the work Andover has done to create such a rich sound of considerable warmth and depth without sacrificing any of the sparkle or brightness that are so necessary to a complete chorus," wrote Organist/Choir Director Jonathan Pelletier.

The organ is centered in the rear balcony. Project Manager Benjamin Mague oversaw construction of the instrument. Shaker style trumpet-playing angels and grapevines carved by Leo Lambert accent the fumed red oak casework by Albert Hosman and David Zarges, which matches existing finishes in the building. Case pipes are of polished tin. The console is finished in fumed oak with burled walnut stop jambs and rosewood stop knobs. Key action, stop action and swell mechanism are mechanical, designed by Jay Zoller. Opus 112 has preparations for two additional ranks, which may be added at any time as gifts or memorials.

The organ was installed in July with voicing and finishing by Tonal Director John Morlock in August. The dedication recital was held November 11, featuring Albert Melton, Cathedral Musician at the Cathedral Church of St. Luke in Portland. He played works of Buxtehude, Walther, Bach, Mozart, Jacques Boyvin, Thomas Matthews and Arthur Wills. Organist Jonathan Pelletier also provided special organ music at that morning’s dedicatory Sunday service.