Opus 107 Stop List
8'Open Diapason58 Pipes
8' Stop'd Diapason46 Pipes
8'Gemshorn 58 Pipes
4' Octave58 Pipes
4'Chimney Flute58 Pipes
2' Fifteenth 58 Pipes
III Mixture174 Pipes
8'Trumpet 61 Pipes
8' Gedeckt 58 Pipes
8' Dulciana 46 Pipes
4' Octave Flute 58 Pipes
2' Block Flute 58 Pipes
II Cornet58 Pipes
8' Hautboy 58 Pipes
16' Bourdon 32 Pipes
8' Flutebass 12 Pipes
4' Chorale 12 Pipes
16' Trombone 32 Pipes
8' Tromba 12 Pipes
  • Chair to Great
  • Great to Pedal
  • Chair to Pedal
Opus 107
First Congregational Church
Boxford, Massachusetts
Andover Organ Company Opus 107 Andover Organ Company Opus 107

At the First Church Congregational in Boxford, Massachusetts, it took two organ committees five years to decide to give up their 100-year-old Hook and Hastings organ. Such is the longevity of the tracker organ technology! Unfortunately, the 1884 organ had been substantially altered and electrified in 1958, and the cost of restoration made a new organ the more attractive choice. The committee unanimously chose the Andover Organ Company. This would be Andover's Opus 107, a mechanical action organ in a Colonial style, custom designed for placement in the church balcony.

The congregation enthusiastically embraced the choice of the committee. Some funds were already available in an existing organ fund, and the remainder was pledged in only a few short weeks.

Because of the space limitations in the balcony and the need for choir seating, it was decided that the secondary division (Chair) would be located on the balcony railing, making the main organ case quite shallow. In order to have an enclosed division with Swell shades, it was decided to enclose the Great, but to design the shades to open a full 90 degrees so that no sound is blocked when they are fully open. With the exception of the 8' Open Diapason, the entire Great is enclosed. Mechanical design, casework and chests were designed by Jay Zoller.

The organ case, designed by Donald H. Olson, is built of poplar with mahogany trim to reflect and enhance the sound. The facade pipes, consisting of the Great 8' Principal, are of 80% polished tin. The Chair division on the balcony rail has the 8' Dulciana in the facade, again of polished tin. The mahogany pipe shades were hand carved by David Calvo of Gloucester. The console is solid mahogany with rosewood stop knobs and engraved bone inserts.

Tonal designer Robert J. Reich, created an organ that is extremely versatiile despite the small size of the instrument. With the addition of the prepared 8' Stopped Diapason, the organ will fulfill all of the goals set forth by the Organ Committee.