Opus 106 Stop List
8'Dulciana 46 Pipes
8'Stopped Diapason58 Pipes
4'Octave58 Pipes
2'Fifteenth58 Pipes
IIMixture116 Pipes
8'Cremona58 Pipes
8'Gedeckt58 Pipes
4'Chimney Flute 58 Pipes
223'Nazard58 Pipes
2'Recorder58 Pipes
135'Tierce58 Pipes
8'Hautboy58 Pipes
16'Subbass32 Pipes
8'Flutebass12 Pipes
4'Choralbass12 Pipes
16'Bassoon32 Pipes
8'Bassoon 12 Pipes
  • Coupling Manual
  • Great to Pedal
  • Swell to Pedal
  • Tremelo, all organ
Opus 104
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, Virginia
Andover Organ Company Opus 104Andover Organ Company Opus 104

This fully mechanical action organ was designed specifically as a teaching instrument. Although a small instrument it is able to play a wide range of literature.

The Great has, in place of a more traditional 8' Open Diapason, a wide scale Dulciana instead as it is located in a small room. By combining the two 8' stops on the Great a solid foundation is formed to support the upper-work.

The Swell is basically a broken Cornet that can be used against the Cremona on the Great for French classic literature. The Hautboy, when combined with the Swell stops forms a suitable sound for the romantic literature.

The Pedal with its judicious mechanical unification, scaling and voicing is a complete independent division.

The coupling manual further increases the usefulness of the instrument by adding a third level of sound without having to change stops.

The case is red oak with walnut moldings.