Opus 101 Stop List
8'Principal58 pipes
8'Chimney Flute58 pipes
4'Octave58 pipes
2'Fifteenth58 pipes
IIIMixture174 pipes
8'Trumpet58 pipes
8'Spire Flute58 pipes
4'Chimney Flute58 pipes
2'Gemshorn 58 pipes
223'Nazard58 pipes
135'Tierce58 pipes
8'Cremona58 pipes
16'Subbass32 pipes
8'Flute Bass12 pipes
4'Choralbass12 pipes
16'Fagott32 pipes
8'Trumpet (Great)32 notes
  • Great to Pedal
  • Swell to Pedal
  • Swell to Great
  • Tremolo
  • Mechanical key and stop action
Opus 101
Lee Memorial United Methodist Church
Norwich, Connecticut
Andover Organ Company Opus 101Andover Organ Company Opus 101

The organ is situated at the rear of the 1950's A-frame building. The building was designed by former Pastor of the church with various symbolism as part of the structure. The rear window, that the organ would cover, was in the form of an anchor. So as not to lose this symbolism, the organ was designed using the exact angles of the window.

The case is of red oak with light stain and hand rubbed finish. Walnut was used in the console area as a contrast. The keyboards have bone naturals and paduc sharps. The Pedalboard has walnut sharps and maple naturals. The stop knobs are hand turned rosewood with hand engraved bone labels.

The Swell is located above the console and has shades of white oak to offer subtle contrast with the rest of the case. The Great is above and has 80% polished tin pipes of the 8' Principal in the facade. The Pedal is located behind the Great.