Stop List
Great (56 Notes)
16'Bourdon Bass12 Pipes
16'Bourdon Treble44 Pipes
8'Open Diapason56 Pipes
8'St. Diapason Bass12 Pipes
8'Melodia44 Pipes
8'Dulciana56 Pipes
4'Principal56 Pipes
4'Wald Flute56 Pipes
223'Twelfth56 Pipes
2'Fifteenth56 Pipes
III-IISesquialtera161 Pipes
IIIMixture168 Pipes
8'Trumpet56 Pipes
8'Clarinet (tc)44 Pipes
Swell (56 Notes)
16'Bourdon56 Pipes
8'Open Diapason56 Pipes
8'Stopped Dia. Bass12 Pipes
8'Stopped Dia. Treble44 Pipes
8'Viol D'Gamba (tc)44 Pipes
8'Vox Celeste44 Pipes
4'Principal56 Pipes
4'Flute Harmonique56 Pipes
2'Fifteenth56 Pipes
IISesquialtera112 Pipes
8'Trumpet56 Pipes
8'Hautboy56 Pipes
Pedal (30 Notes)
16' Double Open Dia.30 Pipes
16'Bourdon30 Pipes
  • Great to Pedal
  • Swell to Pedal
  • Swell to Great
Combination Pedals
  • Great Forte
  • Great Piano
  • Swell Forte
  • Swell Piano
E. & G. G. Hook, Opus 244, 1859
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While you read about this organ, you may get a sense of its color and textures by listening to the following sound samples. Explore the three excerpted selections within the player below.

This magnificent instrument dates from the beginning of the period when the Hook firm produced many of its finest instruments. The elegant Gothic Revival case, of American chestnut, still has its original finish. In 1903 the present projecting keydesk was installed, the Pedal compass was extended to 30 notes and the Pedal 16' Bourdon was added. Some repairs and tonal changes were made in 1963 by C. B. Fisk. A partial tonal restoration was carried out in 1999 by a local builder. This organ was featured in an evening recital at the 2005 OHS national convention. It is currently still in place and may be seen and played by appointment.

Dimensions: Case is 25' high and 15'-6" wide. Top of swell box is 14'-8" high. Top of tallest (center) pipe of Pedal 16' Double Open Diapason is 17'-9" to floor. Pedal Double Open chest (at rear) is 13'-7" wide. Depth of organ from front of case to back of Pedal chest is 16'-8". The pedalboard projects 2' further.

Asking price of $10,000.00. Restored or rebuilt price estimate of $200,000.00 to $250,000.00, depending upon alterations.