Stop List
Great (58 Notes)
16'Double Open Diapason T.C
8'Open Diapason
8'Stopped Diapason
4'Hohl Flute
IV Cornet
Swell (58 Notess)
8'Geigen Principal
4'Concert Flute
8'Oboe & Bassoon
Pedal (27 Notes)
16'Open Diapason
  • Unison Couplers
Schoenstein & Company, Opus 7, 1871
Andover Organ Company Organs for Sale

This historic instrument was built for St. Markus Church, San Francisco. It was the largest built by Felix Schoenstein and his favorite to his dying day. It is the only surviving tracker instrument built by the firm as Felix F. Schoenstein's life's work was destroyed in the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. The organ was moved to Sts. Peter and Paul Church, San Francisco in the 1940's where it was electrified in a building that was much too large for this mild instrument. It was replaced by Schoenstein & Company with a new instrument and Opus 7 was given back to, now called, St. Mark's Lutheran Church where it was going to be restored. Unfortunately, the Church was unable to carry through with this plan and the organ is now available for proper restoration in the style of the builder.

Andover Organ Company was entrusted with the organ by Schoenstein & Company to carry out the restoration. The organ is available for only the moving costs from San Francisco to Lawrence and the Company is offering a grant of $1,000.00 to any Church willing to undertake its restoration.

Unfortunately, the instrument consists only of windchests, some action parts, pipes, keyboards, stop knobs and two reservoirs, but no case or structure. The cost of restoration is high, estimated in the $300,000.00 range, but it is an opportunity for a Church to have a fine and rare example of 19th century organbuilding.

Tonal additions may be made along with a 30 or 32 note Pedalboard and electric combination action, if desired. Case design as approved by the buyer.