Stop List
Great (58 Notes)
8'Open Diapason47 Pipes, Bass from St. Diap. Bass
8'Dulciana35 Pipes
8'Stopped Diap. Bass23 Pipes
8'Stopped Diapason35 Pipes
4'Principal58 Pipes
4'Flute58 Pipes
2'Fifteenth58 Pipes
Swell (58 notes)
8'Open Diapason35 Pipes
8'Stopped Diapason35 Pipes
4'Principal35 Pipes
8'Trumpet35 Pipes (brass resonators)
8'Hautboy35 Pipes
Pedal (18 Notes, GGG-Co)
16'Sub Bass12 Pipes
  • Swell to Great
  • Pedal Coupler (Great to Pedal)
  • Swell lowest 23 notes always play Great keys as well
  • Top 6 Pedal keys play same pipes as lowest G
  • Hitchdown Swell Pedals
  • 2 Combination Pedals for Great
E. & G. G. Hook, Opus 69, 1842
Andover Organ Company Organs for Sale

This is a G compass organ, GGG to f3 without GGG#, of 58 Notes.

This organ is only for sale restored without any changes. It should be installed in a humidity and temperature controled environment only.

Preparation for the 223' Twelfth includes a prepared toeboard, a spotted rackboard, and a completed stop action.

Please inquire directly for cost.